This week, we sat down with Triplemint agent Greg Moers to discuss his move from a west coast startup to New York City real estate, and why he’s never looked back.

Why did you become an agent?

I moved to New York with a background in real estate and business development on the west coast. I was looking to leave my job at a startup and begin to develop a business on my own.

I had some good friends who were brokers in New York and I decided to get my license and pick their brains about the market. I became an agent because I found the perfect career where the use of personality, determination, charisma, and experience can really help people.  

What has been your best moment as a real estate agent?

The first sale is always special. It can be a tough hill to climb but it is so rewarding.


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What does a typical day as an agent entail?

There are no typical days! A somewhat normal day would begin by checking the local, national, and global news to stay abreast of what’s happening in the world. Then, comes a series of phone calls to prospective clients and follow-up phone calls with current clients.

After that, I check my inbox and make sure to respond to any pressing issues. Then, it’s usually off to morning or early afternoon showings, and if nothing is scheduled for that day, I head into the office. If it’s possible to get a quick bite in between appointments I try to squeeze it in.

After my showings, I head to the office for a few hours to check email and jump back on the phones. I spend about an hour or so in the late afternoon prospecting and about another hour or so researching properties for clients and educating myself about the market.

Typically, I have evening showings starting around 5pm and ending around 7:30/8pm. After that, I go to the gym for about an hour. Then, dinner to end the night and back home to get ready for the next day.

What’s the most difficult part of being an agent?

Managing people’s expectations.


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What tips would you give to aspiring agents who are just starting out?

Make as many phone calls a day as you can. Cold calls or calls to people you know. Know your inventory. Stick to a schedule and keep yourself accountable for it.

Do you have any tips for first-time home buyers looking to buy in the NY market?

Make sure to understand your buying power. Have an in-depth conversation with a lender to know how the process works. Understand condos vs co-ops and make sure to hire a great agent like myself!


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What is your favorite NY neighborhood, and why?

TriBeCa. It makes me happy to walk those streets. The attention to detail in the way the buildings present themselves, the proximity to the river, the classic feel of cobblestoned streets, and how quiet it is, it just feels like home.

What does the future hold for you?

The future holds more continued happiness for my clients and a constant demand to always continue to educate myself to produce the best results. The future is ripe with opportunities to build and develop multifamily clients both in New York and Los Angeles.

If you want Greg to be your trusted real estate advisor, check out his agent page and get in touch.