Full of warehouses and factories, Gowanus may seem like an industry ridden neighborhood, however, in reality, it is a transitioning neighborhood that provides a tight-knit community with imaginative street art laced streets.

Bordered from north to south with Baltic Street to Hamilton Avenue and east to west from 4th Avenue to Hoyt Street, Gowanus includes two small parks and, of course, the Gowanus Canal.


While Gowanus encompasses a large portion of land, commuting to and from the neighborhood is no easy task. As it stands currently, the (F, G, & R) trains are the only lines that connect Gowanus to the rest of NYC. The Carroll St, Smith-9th St, and 4 Avenue stops via the (F & G) will lead you directly into the neighborhood, and Union St via the (R) will do the same.

Unfortunately, bus access is quite limited as well. For vertical travel, the (B37, B57, & B103) buses will provide easy transportation access. When it comes to traveling horizontally, solely the (B65) will be there for you (when Uber is not).


While Gowanus was originally (and slightly still is) an industrial site for warehouses and import/export businesses, a unique and strong art community has formed to replace the desolate factories with street art. Residents are seen walking to their favorite ice cream shop (yes there are many) or walking around with children. However, don’t expect grand Times Square-esque traffic or Naked Cowboys here; Gowanus is a peaceful and quiet neighborhood perfect for those looking for an escape from the hustle of bustle of Manhattan life.

Restaurants & BarsRestaurant & Bars

There is no shortage of authentic eating and drinking within Gowanus. For those meat lovers (vegans beware) Dinosaur BBQ serves the best mouthwatering ribs; come in hungry because you’ll be sure to stuff yourself before you leave. We recommend the Tres Niños that comes with a small serving of brisket, ribs and pulled pork with Honey Hush Cornbread and 2 Side Dishes; what more would you want in life than ribs and cornbread? For those in the mood for some delicate pastries, Runner & Stone is rooted in originality and authenticity. Fans of fragrant pies should visit Four & Twenty Blackbirds. Grab a slice of their Salty Honey custard pie and reminisce about all the times pie has been there for you

For those nights where drinking is required, The Bell House is an amazing pub to check out in Gowanus. If you are into hip-hop, funk, and classic disco music, be sure to check out their Rub event that Brooklynites rave about. If you are looking for a wine bar to seem sophisticated with your friends, then Black Mountain Wine House was meant for you. They have a diverse and sophisticated wine list that will make any connoisseur squeal very quietly as they ask for more cheese.


Living in Gowanus is not as cheap as other Brooklyn neighborhoods. As of currently, the median rent per month is $3,137. Compared to Manhattan’s $5,000, while it may be cheaper to live in Gowanus, the rental market has been increasing. However, while some may fault this with gentrification, other may say this as a positive. With an increase in popularity, Gowanus presents a potential real estate investment opportunity.

Final VerdictFinal Verdict

In the end, many may find themselves deterred from Gowanus due to its industrial layout and loud construction. However, the past is simply not true anymore. Gowanus is a beautiful neighborhood with cozy residents and a peaceful atmosphere. You won’t find Starbuck’s on every corner of Gowanus’ streets, but you will find original and unique storefronts all throughout. Come to Gowanus for its down to earth feel and get lost with all the amazing stores you will find yourself entering.