You just graduated and landed a new job in the city. Now what? Amongst other things, it would probably be wise for you to begin your apartment search… but where do you even begin?  

Here are some tips on how to find an apartment in NYC.

Decide on a Budget


Before the search even begins, you need to have several things established. The first (and probably most important) is the budget. Set a realistic range, and your maximum budget. Once these have been established, stick to your guns!

While you may be tempted by nearby restaurants or a trendy neighborhood, keep in mind that you won’t be able to enjoy your new neighborhood if you’re always counting pennies. 

Overestimating your budget puts you between a rock and a hard place when you finally find a spot you are in love with, but can’t really afford.

 Start With the End in Mind


When figuring out how to find an apartment in NYC, one of the most important pieces of advice we could offer would be to establish a vision of what you want and categorize these requirements into ‘want it’, ‘need it’, and ‘deal breaker’ columns.  

The old adage “aim small, miss small” most definitely applies, and if you start off hoping to just stumble upon a place that you vibe with, the search might not be as fruitful as you would have hoped.  

Instead, know beforehand that you are looking for a studio or 2 bedroom in Manhattan, with a doorman and laundry in building. Setting these concrete requirements will allow you to prioritize properties and streamline your search. 

Find the Right Wingman

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You’re going to be busy in those few weeks between arriving in NYC and your first day on the job. You don’t need the added stress of searching for an apartment, yet, the vast majority of first time New Yorkers put the onus of finding a place entirely upon themselves.  

By choosing a broker that knows how to find an apartment in NYC, specializes in the area you’re searching, and has a laundry list of resources at their disposal, you’ll have a huge advantage. 

For additional, free Triplemint resources, try our rent calculator, neighborhood matching quiz, and interactive neighborhood map.

If a Picture Paints 1,000 Words, a Visit Writes an Essay


You start your search the old-fashioned, organic way: perusing listings online by yourself and trying to arrange visits when you stumble upon a promising space.  

When that doesn’t work, or just proves too frustrating, you either end up pairing with a trusted broker or upping the volume and frequency of the listings you browse.  

In the latter strategy, it’s tempting to pull the trigger on the first place you see that looks suitable and clean, but that’s a mistake. Don’t let the frustration and confusion of the NYC apartment search wear you down, team up with a broker you trust and search smart. Good luck, and happy hunting!