If you’re going to go by a verb nickname, then you better be impossibly cool. When your company is Slash and U2’s Edge, there’s probably some credence to the cool-guys-are-verbs phenomenon. Sting definitely fits the bill too; he’s an accomplished singer, songwriter, and bonafide rock star. 

In addition to having the suave, Fonzi-like name association his nickname invokes, the Englishman in New York also owns a sprawling property in famous architect and designer Robert A.M. Stern’s 15 Central Park West building.

Sting and wife Trudie Styler are rumored to be eyeing a new property in Stern’s new 220 Central Park South building, so they’ve listed their current Central Park West apartment for $56 million. With Sting and Trudie originally purchasing the property for just under $27 million in 2008, they stand to make a sizable profit.

While Sting and his wife love the current property, it was just time for something new. The current property is a spacious duplex that spans the 16th and 17th floors of the beautiful limestone building.


PC: Corcoran

It has over 5,500 interior square feet within the 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom apartment, with floor-to-ceiling windows and 10 foot ceilings allowing for lots of natural light and spectacular views of Central Park.



While the physical space is awe-inspiring, what really makes this apartment stand out is the interior plan designed by Lee F. Mindel, which fuses the 16th and 17th floor properties into one flowing, aesthetic home.

The designed interior includes a Fibonacci Spiral-inspired fireplace and a large, open communal space inspired by the aesthetic vision of Italian surrealist artist Piero Fornasetti. In addition to the stunning indoor space, the property also has 44 feet of outdoor space that looks directly onto Central Park.  


PC: Sotheby’s

The most unique attribute of the property is the beautiful spiral staircase. At its base is a mural framed in red LED that juxtaposes nicely to the staircase’s red carpet. The LED frame is actually voice activated and only comes on when Sting passes and sings, “Put on the red light.” (That’s doesn’t actually happen – but how did you miss that slam dunk dad joke, Sting?)


PC: Corcoran

As one of the most iconic residential buildings in NYC, 15 Central Park West is a highly sought-after spot for many of NYC’s wealthy. Don’t expect this property to stay on the market long, but with a listing of $56 million, the price may need to drop a bit before Sting can find an interested buyer.