Perhaps the most iconic representation of the “girl next door” persona is Nashville sweetheart Taylor Swift. As Americans, I think there is one thing we can all agree on – the golden-haired, blue-eyed beauty is a national treasure.  Who else could have handled being interrupted by Yeezy with as much grace? As it turns out, she has impeccable taste in real estate too.  

TaylorSwiftDenPC: Corcoran

The starlet made the move to NYC in 2014 and rented a unique West Village Carriage House on the highly sought after Cornelia Street while her TriBeCa penthouse was being renovated. Unfortunately for her, it looks like T-Swift and the gorgeous carriage house are never, ever getting back together (but worry not, there’s no bad blood between the owner and Taylor – it was just time for a permanent buyer). The West Village property has gone on the market, with owner David Aldea asking a whopping $24.5 million for the property.

TaylorSwiftPoolPC: Corcoran

When T-Swift rented the property, the owner was collecting $39,500/month in rent from the country idol turned pop star. While homeowner David Aldea is taking the star factor into consideration when establishing the asking price, he arrived at this figure through several other factors besides the starlet’s presence.

Mr. Aldea has undertaken numerous renovations to the 1912 home. These changes included a hidden-from-the-street penthouse, a private garage paved in white marble, double-height ceilings, and an indoor pool (also paved with white marble details and stairs). The space also features a fitness room, gallery space, wood-burning fireplace, and several chandeliers and other ornate, one-of-a-kind details.

TaylorSwiftFloorPlanPC: Corcoran

Now that Taylor has left the gorgeous dream home, a permanent buyer is being sought for the 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom 5,400 square foot property. The property is located in a beautiful area in the West Village, close to stunning examples of classic architecture and a range of restaurants and shops.